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Backline Babes Group Chat

We have a WhatsApp group where all the magic happens! Here girls communicate openly with one another, share the stoke, ask for advice and recommendations,  and plan spur-of-the-moment surf sessions (there is always a babe who wants to join that lunchtime surf with you or post-work session!) 

What you can look forward to:

  • Weekly surf reports

  • Organise meetups with all the babes!

  • Chat to the dopest community around!

  • PLUS early access to Backline Babes discounts & events 


Backline Babes Blouberg Ambassador Katja Toms

How did you first get into surfing?

I started with lifesaving at a very young age and spent a lot of time at the beach and in the water. I remember seeing all the surfers and thinking wow that looks fun but stuck to the kneeboarding for lifesaving and actually got into actual stand up surfing pretty later on at the age of 17, where I then spent all my free time on a surfboard determined to get up and standing and onto a shortboard. Fast forward 5 months i bought my first 5’9 shortboard and still have her with me to this day. 

Describe what surfing means to you in 3 words:

Surfing to me means growth, tranquility and thrill. 

What is your dream surf destination?

Sri Lanka and Morocco. 

What do you do outside of the water?

Im very into self development, so usually I’m doing Yoga/meditation/breathwork, at the gym or I'm on some sort of adventure. I also just left the yachting industry and am working on my own health coaching business so doing and reading labs making personal food and supplement plans for thriving health based on those labs.

Do you prefer a dawny surf or sunset surf?

Obviously this is dependant on the waves but i have always been a sunset lover!

Longboard or shortboard?

Mostly i use a shortboard but if the waves are better for long boarding then i will longboard!

What's your favourite post-surf snack?

Usually it would be a power smoothie of sorts, but my go-to’s are a mixed berry smoothie and a masa-cocoa smoothie! 

capture your experience

These moments are too incredible not to share with others. Show off your experience, and cherish the memories forever! Photography / videography is also a great way to see and improve your surfing stance. 


Our meet-ups happen mostly on the weekends and are surf condition-dependent. We meet at Atlantic Surf Shop and then head into the water together. Your ambassador will plan sessions during the week as well as on the weekends, where we all share good vibes, waves, and all-round fun. There is nothing better than heading out to good surf with amazing women, catching absolute bombs, and cheering one another on!

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