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Backline Babes, founded in August 2020 by Emma Horner and Kirstie Duncan, started as a humble concept of a small group chat for friends of friends to venture out to the backline without feeling intimidated. After putting the idea out there, the response exceeded all expectations, and today Backline Babes has blossomed into a community of hundreds of remarkable women, all bound by a shared passion for surfing, having a good time, and an unwavering support for one another.


We take immense pride in the role Backline Babes plays in increasing the presence and confidence of female surfers around the world. This community is absolutely incredible, they continuously inspire us and help us to create a place where everyone can truly be themselves.


Starting the clothing collection has been a great adventure for us! We love that we can use the community to design pieces they want, it really is a group effort. Sourcing the best material, and working with local talent and seamstresses - it's so immersive and fun. We hope that our brand and collections work as an extension of our message - when someone wears a Backline Babes piece they feel confident and a sense of belonging.

Backline Babes cofounders Kirstie Duncan and Emma Horner



Emma Horner Backline Babes Cofounder


Hey! I'm Emma, I am a Muizenberg local since surfing stole my heart! I am passionate about keeping active and if I'm not surfing I'm mountain biking, camping or somewhere outdoors.

I am passionate about making a difference in people's lives. Outside of the water, I am a Clinical Dietitian working at both a government and private hospital. 

I've always been an ocean lover but was too nervous to start surfing because the backline can be very male-dominated and those okes can shred! My partner is a Western Province longboarder and I would always watch him from the beach frothing to get in and be on their level (or even better)! The surf itch…it’s a thing! Queue the Backline Babes brainchild! 

The best part about having girls to surf with whenever, is the support - sharing the stoke, waves, skills and hearing yewwww as you pass one of the babes on a bomb. I am just so proud of this community and the women within it!

Hey I'm Kirstie! I have always had a passion for people and creativity. I channel that through freelance graphic design, I feel so lucky to have worked with incredible brands from all around the world. I am also the Creative Director of Future Females - which is where I realised my passion for entrepreneurship and female empowerment. So naturally, when Em approached me with the idea of a surf group it was a hell yes from me!

I'm quite all-rounded when it comes to my interests. I am happiest when surrounded by people. I'm usually up for any adventure! I love being outdoors camping, surfing, hiking but I'm also an avid socialite who loves to dress up, attend events, and eat all the food haha!

Em and I have been friends since the first day of High School. I am so proud of this brilliant community that we've grown together and I couldn't have a better partner to share the journey with!

Kirstie Duncan Backline Babes Cofounder


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